2022 Black Sheep 500 Series Contest

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2022 Black Sheep 500 Series Contest

Postby kittyfritters » Mon Aug 08, 2022 2:10 am

Went to the Black Sheep Squadron Guillow's 500 series at the "Grassy Knoll" this morning. It was hot and (hit 104 F a bit later) and the wind came up and blew us out about 10:30. Dave Gee was first, P-40, Don Butman second, Spitfire, and myself third, Hellcat.

Dave got an interesting lesson in model finishing on the field. When deciding on a color scheme remember where you are going to fly it! (See photos.) He says that the next military model he builds to fly there will have a target tug paint scheme. I put a torque box under the plastic cowls in my 500 series models to hold a nose plug. I got a structural lesson, this morning, when a bad landing broke the torque box off of former F1 and I had the cowl glued to the fuselage. Next time I will have the cowl removable independently of the underlying structure.

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