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Re: Herr Pitts Special

Postby Monz » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:31 am

Hi George and Pete, glad you enjoyed the videos. It's surprising how tiring it is trying to film all the flights. But I feel there aren't enough scale free flight vids on the net so I will persevere ;) Old Warden and the Outdoor Nationals coming up in May!

I was also surprised how well the Pitts flew initially, especially for a free flight model (and one that has scale dihedral and a 0 - 0 - 0 wing setup....). The third flight, which qualified was pretty good. I'll build another one, slightly bigger and with less paint, so lighter, which should fly a bit better now I understand this one. The bonus is that just today, a day late of course (and the irony is not lost on me), two new reference photographs came up on a Pitts Special group on Facebook of Lil Stinker, one of which showed the checks underneath (of which there are no pics on the net, anywhere...) which the judges gave me a constructive criticism on for lacking a reference of.

I think I'll have to build a new kit scale model for next year. There is a second Herr DVII kit on the shelf.... maybe as Goering's machine? hmmmmm ;) But I'd also like to do a DVII for Open rubber. Again, bigger and lighter. I'd like to do the Finnish scheme again but I don't think there are enough references around for static so it might have to be a different scheme. I'll see what the Datafiles have to say though, the Finnish will attract some nice points for colour scheme complexity ;) But there is also the large PO2 I must get on with...

If there is a car share going for Nijmegen then I'll come along. I'm not going to repair the Pitts fully as that will be uneconomical, but I can make it flyable and sort of presentable. I think Old Faithful (DVII) would also like a trip over to the mainland before retiring ;)

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