Applying Door / Panel Lines

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Applying Door / Panel Lines

Postby Jon18 » Wed May 12, 2021 10:29 am

I’m currently working on the SIG Monocoupe and am getting close to the covering stage with the fuselage. I’m hoping to get some advice about applying panel/door lines. Is this typically done before or after applying tissue? If after application, is it done before or after doping? What is the best medium to use for drawing the lines?

Beyond this, how about decals? Should I apply them before doping or after?

Many thanks for any input.

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Re: Applying Door / Panel Lines

Postby staubkorb » Thu Jun 24, 2021 4:51 am

I've done lines a number of ways, none being particularly easier than the other. The one I use the most is to use a flexible straightedge (usually a strip of manila folder stock) with a thin strip of some kind of tape to create a "step" to lessen the possibility of bleed from the line medium. For the lines themselves, I generally use a GOOD quality gel pen in various weights (line width) and colors, sometimes I use narrow strips of black tissue - doped on. I try to remember to do the lines BEFORE final glue-up ;) after covering and generally after the first coat of dope. LOTS of patience and a light hand are of foremost importance! Use no more pressure than the weight of the pen!

Decals, namely the waterslide type, dislike sticking to tissue surfaces, unless the tissue pores have been thoroughly filled and smooth (resulting in a very heavy part) unless one has a good supply of Micro-Sol/Set or equivalent. In any case, apply after doping and then another THIN coat of of a fixative - Krylon Cristal Clear is a good choice.

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