Electric Control Line

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Electric Control Line

Postby Kiwi » Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:37 am

Just to show that control line is not dead and buried here is my electric example.
I was given a "Nobler" which was originally powered by a Fox 35 but that didn't come with it. As I have got rid of all my gas motors electric was the way to go, especially as I fly by myself and I would have to go to the trouble of arranging a stooge and as I haven't flown C/L for 50 + years I figured I was going to get dizzy initially burning through a tank full of fuel,
I cut off the bearers where they went through the bulkhead and mounted a Turnig hides a 40 amp ESC y Aerodrive SK3-3542-800 Kv on standoffs. Where the tank was is now housing a 4s 2200mAh battery, The bottom half of the cowl and a R/C Receiver with only the throttle plugged in.
Now when I want to go fly I lay out the lines, clip a transmitter to my belt, and walk out to the handle. When I'm ready to go Just pick up the handle reach down, open the throttle and away we go, I can adjust the speed to suit and when I start to feel dizzy Just cut the throttle and land. The other good Thing is less gear to cart out and no mess to wipe off after!
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