Indoor Flying with the O.F.F.C.

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Re: Indoor Flying with the O.F.F.C.

Postby kittyfritters » Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:39 pm


I was sent the wrong photo of the A-6 contest score sheet. Here are the correct results.

  1. Bill Watson 457.5 Seconds
  2. Will Woods 408.1
  3. Norm Furutani 391.3
  4. Paul Avery 340.6
  5. Jim Leuken 276.0
  6. Don Butman 224.5
  7. Pete Basone 175.8

Again, I wasn't at the contest. Sorry about the error.
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Re: Indoor Flying with the O.F.F.C.

Postby kittyfritters » Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:03 am

On Wednesday, July 31, the Dime Scale Contest (9 cent scale) was held in the Stonehurst gym. We had a great meeting before the contest which ended with a few surprised, "The contest is today?" remarks. As it turned out only three people brought dimers. But, following the FAC three contestants makes a contest rule it went ahead anyway.

Bill Watson brought a freshly made Heath Parasol. Joe Whiting brought a SIPA S.11 (French Arado 96) and a Fokker DXVII. Don Butman brought his SB2C-3 and a Howard DGA-15. Once Bill got the Heath trimmed it was evident that he would win the contest. Joe's Fokker had been finished the night before the contest and was in need of more trimming that could be done that morning so he flew the reliable SIPA S.11. Don's SB2C-3 was beautifully stable in flight but he couldn't get over 30 seconds out of it so he switched to the DGA-15. (Although he held the more colorful Curtiss for the photos.)

The contest was for the best single flight of unlimited (well, completed before the 11:30 cutoff time) attempts.

The results:

  • 1. Bill Watson 80.3 seconds
  • 2, Joe Whiting 52.41
  • 3. Don Butman 36.1

CD Joe Whiting, Timer Howard Littman

The next contest is the Rubber Payload Contest on August 14.

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Re: Indoor Flying with the O.F.F.C.

Postby kittyfritters » Fri Aug 16, 2019 3:23 am


If not the best attended OFFC contest it was certainly one of the most fun. Everyone agreed that we will have to do this one again. There were only two entries, Bill Watson and Jim Leuken. Now, that may not sound like much of a contest but everyone there was fascinated and many more will participate the next time. Bill and Jim took two different approaches to the problem.

Bill took the high camber airfoil approach. His model was sturdy but only weighed 10 grams and had a low wing design reminiscent of a 1930s ROG model. He installed a small keel, under the wing, to attach the clay payload, keeping the CG centered. His motor was 1/8” flat, tan rubber, as required by the rules, and the final motor weighed 2.4 grams. The last flight lifted 25.6 grams of clay.

Bills_Loader_1.jpg (364 KiB) Viewed 489 times
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Jim’s approach was a high winged, contemporary ROG type model with a pylon, tip dihedral and an airfoil with a very small camber. He wrapped the clay load around the pylon to maintain the CG position. His last flight, with essentially the same motor as Bill’s model lifted 25.3 grams of clay and might have lifted more except he ran out of time.

Jims_Loader.jpg (349.01 KiB) Viewed 489 times

This contest was more closely fought than would appear with only two contestants. The biggest problem was getting the heavily laden models to turn inside the gym. There were many flights that did not lift off and became high speed taxi runs. Several flights did not make the 20 second minimum (leading to an observation that ’20 seconds can be a long time’). And, of course many flights ended against the wall. Hitting the ceiling was not an issue here.

Load_Contest.jpg (321.74 KiB) Viewed 489 times

This contest was a successful experiment and it was agreed that the next time there will be many more contestants.

The next contest is Comet Phantom Flash, plan stock except for thrust button, prop shaft and prop, on August 28th.
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