• Mission Statement
    Small Flying Arts is dedicated to hobbyists who build small flying models of all types. Our mission is to empower model airplane enthusiasts to get more from their hobby - more information, more value, and more pleasure. To achieve this we've designed a highly interactive website that's actually shaped by the readers themselves.

    Articles, tips, and reviews
    This content is pulled together from a wide variety of authoritative sources - primarily our readers - and is featured prominently on our main page. All material is carefully selected and edited to create instructive, entertaining, and inspiring articles. These are updated often, but not on any set schedule. We encourage you to check back in frequently to see what's new.

    Discussion Forum
    The SFA Forum is an excellent vehicle for the exchange of information and ideas. We have an active community of very talented modelers engaged in a wide variety of activities here. The ability to post images along with text messages has led to some valuable instructional sequences, and fascinating glimpses of many modeling projects.

    Image Gallery
    Users can upload and view images in an organized manner by using our image gallery. This can be used to display models, document aircraft color schemes, store aircraft "walkaround" images, etc.

    Other Resources
    The free plans section is very popular and unique. Many of these plans were designed by our readers and contributed along with articles. We will also have a growing links section where we list web destinations that are useful to those who build small flying models.

    What's a "Small Model?"
    Our very unofficial definition is any airplane with a 30-inch wingspan or less, but we recognize many exceptions! It has become immensely popular to build and fly small models, and the technologies and techniques involved have advanced remarkably over the past several years. A huge amount of this knowledge is available to almost anyone, but most of it is spread piecemeal over a multitude of books, magazines, newsletters, user-groups, and websites. Small Flying Arts gathers useful information from these scattered sources and presents it in a coherent and organized format. As part of our mission statement we strive to provide a comprehensive resource for those who build and fly small models.

    We want you to enjoy your visit, and to make that happen we rely on your feedback. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us by email here.

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